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Answers to your questions about car hire in Lisbon

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Hire in Lisbon

Find the answers to all you car hire questions in our section with tips and tricks about car rental in Lisbon. Below you see the most frequently asked questions:

If I hire a car via Lisbon Cheap Car Hire does it cost extra?

No in actual fact it is often the case that you would find lower prices with us than if you book directly from the car hire company or book via an airline or travel agency.

Are there any additional charges associated with booking?

No on the contrary. On our price comparison site, we are focusing on value for the consumers. Thus we have chosen not to charge any fees on top of the ones which the final car hire company would charge you.

If I book via you, do you offer any price guarantee?

No we do not offer price guarantees. We would, however, not be reluctant to connecting you with car hire associates offering a price guarantee – provided that they did not also insist on a larger excess in the insurance or other draw backs in the car hire offer. For more information, please read our view about price guarantees in car hire.

Who provides the search facility on Cheap Car Hire?

To stay focused, we work with several partners in the car hire industry. Our primary objective is to write articles, which aim is to help consumers reach rational and informed decisions concerning car hire. In so doing, we take pleasure in offering you an unbiased assessment. Thus we tell you everything about the industry – be it good or bad.

However, you can hire a car via our website. Currently our key alliance is Cartrawler, who we find has a user-friendly search facility and booking mechanism, combined with competitive prices on almost all travel destinations.

The actual hire contract is also with Cartrawler and not us.

Which car hire firm do I rent from when I book via Lisbon Cheap Car Hire?

Cheap Car Hire searches across many different car hire companies. When you book a car, the order confirmation clearly states which particular hire company the car is provided by. E.g. it can be any one of the international major players such as Avis, Europcar, Hertz, National or Sixt;  as well as national or smaller competitive outlets at your chosen destination.

Who owns and runs Lisbon Cheap Car Hire?

Lisbon-cheap-car-hire.co.uk  is maintained and developed by All Things Portuguese, which is a private limited company registered in England and Wales under the Companies Act of 2006. All Things Portuguese Ltd is a Holding company offering information on the travel destination Portugal. It does so best by operating from its office near Lisbon, at the heart of Portugal.

If Lisbon Cheap Car Hire does not charge the consumers anything for their services, how do they earn their own keep?

Our revenue is generated through sales of advertising featured on our website(s). In addition, our partners pay us smaller commission from sales generated via our website(s). Rest assured that we do not alter the listed prices and include any extra charges. Our goal is for everyone to find the best deals possible.

Can I contact Cheap Car Hire?

Of course, please fill in the form on the ‘contact and support’ page.

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