Flights Warsaw-Lisbon 2015/2016

Warsaw-Lisbon routes in 2015/2016: Ryanair, Wizzair and TAP

The first direct route between Warsaw and Lisbon was introduced in July 2009 by the Portuguese national carrier, TAP (code-shared with LOT Polish Airlines). It wasn’t until 2014 when the low-cost airlines, now rapidly expanding in Europe, noticed the potential of the route. Below, we present the options for flying between Warsaw and Lisbon with both budget and regular airlines.

Two airports in Warsaw – Chopin and Modlin
 Please note that while Lisbon has currently only one operational international airport, Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS), in Warsaw you can choose between the main Warsaw-Chopin Airport (WAW), located very close to the city centre and the low-cost airport in Modlin (WMI), approx. 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Warsaw.

Ryanair flights Warsaw-Lisbon
The major European budget carrier operates twice weekly flights on Warsaw-Lisbon route. See below more detailed information about those flights in the summer and winter schedule.

Warsaw-Modlin (WMI) – Lisbon (LIS), summer schedule 2015

Monday: departure 13:30, arrival 16:15
Thursday: departure 13:30, arrival 16:15

Lisbon (LIS) – Warsaw-Modlin (WMI), summer schedule 2015

Monday: departure 16:40, arrival 21:45
Thursday: departure 16:40, arrival 21:45

Warsaw-Modlin (WMI) – Lisbon (LIS), winter schedule (from 30 October 2015)

Friday: departure 12:20, arrival 15:25
Monday: departure 12:20, arrival 15:25

Lisbon (LIS) – Warsaw-Modlin (WMI), winter schedule (from 30 October 2015)

Friday: departure 15:50, arrival 21:00
Monday: departure 15:50, arrival 21:00

More low-cost flights Warsaw-Lisbon – routes from Wizzair
The Hungarian budget airline, Wizzair, rapidly expanding its network of routes from Warsaw Chopin Airport introduced flights to Lisbon back in spring 2015. Twice weekly flights are available throughout summer and winter season. Please note the late hours of the flights:

Warsaw-Chopin (WAW) – Lisbon (LIS)

Friday: departure 21:30, arrival 00:40
Monday: departure 21:30, arrival 00:40

Lisbon (LIS) – Warsaw-Chopin (WAW)

Saturday: departure 01:15, arrival 06:10
Tuesday: departure 01:15, arrival 06:10

TAP route Warsaw-Lisbon
The Portuguese flag carrier has, so far, an unbeatable offer on the Warsaw-Lisbon routes, in terms of frequency. TAP flights between the Polish and the Portuguese capital are available in the summer schedule daily, as follows:

Warsaw-Chopin (WAW) – Lisbon (LIS), summer schedule 2015

Monday to Saturday: departure 15:15, arrival 18:20
Sunday: departure 21:35, arrival 00:40

Lisbon (LIS) – Warsaw-Chopin (WAW), summer schedule 2015

Monday to Saturday: departure 09:30, arrival 14:25
Sunday: departure 14:30, arrival 18:40

In the winter, the frequency of TAP flights between Warsaw and Lisbon is reduced to 4 weekly flights, according to the following schedule below. It is worth to mention though that the carrier increases temporarily the frequency of flights again during the busy Christmas/New Year season:

Warsaw-Chopin (WAW) – Lisbon (LIS), winter schedule (from 25 October 2015)

Monday: departure 14:50, arrival 18:10
Wednesday: departure 14:50, arrival 18:10
Friday: departure 14:50, arrival 18:10
Sunday: departure 14:50, arrival 18:10

Lisbon (LIS) – Warsaw-Chopin (WAW), winter schedule (from 25 October 2015)

Monday: departure 09:10, arrival 14:05
Wednesday: departure 09:10, arrival 14:05
Friday: departure 09:10, arrival 14:05
Sunday: departure 09:10, arrival 14:05

Cheap flights Warsaw-Lisbon – are you really saving money?
The low-cost alternatives for flying to Lisbon were welcomed with great enthusiasm in Poland, where Portugal continues to be one of the most popular destinations, either for a beach holiday, or a short city-break.

To a great disappointment of the holidaymakers and tourist the first offers for 2014 summer season were not really competitively priced in comparison with TAP offers. During the peak season, the only significant economy was possible only when booking very early in advance – and not everybody is hanging out by their computer at all times to snatch the best offers – and for travellers who decided not to take too much luggage with them.  For low-cost airlines charging additionally for checked-in luggage, and sometimes, also for the cabin luggage, is a way to keep the basic fares low. Find further below more detailed information about the luggage policies in TAP, Ryanair and Wizzair.

Since the low-cost flights Warsaw-Lisbon, have only been available only for one season, we are yet to see at which level the prices offered by the budget carriers will settle.

Surely, for time-flexible travellers, who are able to use mid-weak flights (weekend flights are always more expensive, regardless of the company) and have no need to bring large amounts of luggage, Ryanair and Wizzair’s offer may be actually competitive.

Not to forget if you are flying Ryanair from Warsaw to Lisbon (and/or back) – the cost of (and official) taxi form Warsaw city centre to Modlin Airport varies between 160 and 200 Polish zlotys (approx. £27-22), adding to the final cost of your journey.

TAP, Ryanair, Wizzair – rate comparison (for Christmas 2015)
Below is the example of rates for flights Warsaw-Lisbon in the period of approximate 7 days in December 2015, before and after Christmas  (mid-week flights, to avoid the highest prices), quoted by TAP, Ryanair and Wizzair 4 months prior to the departure date.

Christmas 2015 flights Warsaw-Lisbon rates (basic fare per one passenger, return ticket):

  • TAP, 23-30 December 2015: 190 GBP
  • Wizzair, 21-29 December 2015:  112 GBP
  • Ryanair, 21-28 December 2015: 105 GBP

Please note, that in case of the low-cost airlines, the prices quoted do not include checked-in luggage, or paid cabin luggage (when applicable).

Luggage rules – Ryanair, Wizzair and TAP
When flying TAP, every adult passenger in economy class is allowed to bring on board one piece of luggage weight up to 8 kg and the maximum dimension not exceeding 115 cm, free of charge. Checked-in luggage – one piece per person, not exceeding 23 kg of weight – is include in the price ticket.

Low-cost airlines apply variable cabin and check-in luggage policies. It is recommendable to read the detailed information from the carrier at the time of the booking.

On board Ryanair flights, a hand luggage with max. dimensions of 55cmx40cmx20, plus one small bag (up to 30cmx20cmx20cm) are allowed free of charge. Checked-in luggage is paid. Two pieces of checked-in baggage of a total max. weight of 35 kg are allowed and the price depends of the weight and number of suitcases (whether it is one or two), ranging from £20 to £50.

Wizzair’s luggage policy is slightly different. Only a small piece of luggage, max. size 42cmx32cmx25 is allowed in the cabin free of charge. A larger suitcase/trolley/bag 56cmx45cmx25cm can be transported as a carry/on luggage at an additional cost of £13. As for checked-in luggage, up to three pieces per person to a total weight of 32 kg can be transported. The fares for checked-in luggage vary from around £20 to £85.

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