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Tips on hiring a convertible in
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Cabriolet car hire in Lisbon Airport

The climate in Portugal is very pleasant, and open top cars can be driven in Portugal all year.

Find rates for cabriolet car hire in Lisbon Airport

Sunny Lisbon in winter-time

In Lisbon, the average number of sunshine-hours per day never falls below 5 even in the darkest month of January.

In Spring and Autumn, and especially in the beautiful Indian summer month of October, 7-9 hours of Lisbon sun is to be expected.

Come summer in Lisbon tourists and locals alike are spoilt with 10-11 hours of daily sun hours.

When to hire your cabriolet in Lisbon

Nowadays, most cabriolet cars for hire in Lisbon Airport are so-called fixed-roof cabriolets – or CC convertibles.

The folding roof will disappear in the trunk of the hire car at the push of a button, and when in place, the CC cabriolet hire car looks like any normal car. The CC refers to the typification of Coupé-Cabriolet.

In Portugal, the months of July and August often are quite hot with temperatures frequently above 30 degrees in the middle of the day.

A cabriolet is a refreshing vehicle in summertime, but the seasons of spring, early summer and autumn are really where cabriolet hire cars with a folding roof come into their right at the most.

In the months of March, April, May, June, September, October and November, pleasant temperatures for open top cruising at day time combines with mild evenings, where the roof might stay folded and might not – depending on the temperature.

Features of a folding roof cabriolet

Renting a modern cabriolet with folding roof is an advantage in the summertime, as the metal shields the passengers much better from the sun. Often the folding roof is easier to operate as well than a soft top, and the car will usually have air conditioning.

Even more advantageous is the fact that damage to folding roof cabriolets from vandalism is much less common than when renting a car with a canvas roof e.g. on a regular cabriolet hire car.

The disadvantage of modern cabriolet hire cars, is the limited luggage space when the roof is folded. This inconvenience is of course less if you bring your luggage to your hotel or holiday home directly form the airport and utilize the open top option during holidays without transporting large quantities of luggage around.

Children in a cabriolet

It has to be said that the rear seats of most folding roof hire car cabriolets are only for children. As the folding mechanism takes up space it is hard to fit full size seats in the rear of this type of vehicle.

In the Peugeot 308 CC cabriolet, the Renault Megane CC cabriolet, the Ford Focus CC cabriolet, the VW Eos CC cabriolet and the Opel Astra CC cabriolet, the rear seats provide ample room for two children up to about teenage age.

Teenagers and grown-ups can find themselves comfortable in the rear seats in the above mentioned cabriolet hire cars only on shorter distances.

For the smaller cabriolet hire cars with folding roof such as the Peugeot 207 CC or the Nissan Micra CC, there is virtually no rear seat.

Prices for cabriolet car hire in Lisbon Airport

Driving a cabriolet on holiday is available from approx. €400 per week for a Lisbon hire car.

Usually the open top rental car will be a Renault Megane CC or a Peugeot 308 CC. Some companies in Lisbon Airport have Ford Focus CC or the locally produced VW Eos cabriolet in the rental fleet.

In winter, from time to time, rates for hiring a convertible in Lisbon Airport can be found from as little as €250 per week of Lisbon car hire.

In the high season of July and August, the demand sometimes will increase rental rates for cabriolet car hire in Lisbon to more than €500 per week.

Please note that the price difference between the smaller cabriolet type of rental vehicles such as Peugeot 207 CC or Nissan Micra CC, and the larger 2+2 Cabriolets with room for children, is not always significant.

The cheapest cabriolet hire car in Lisbon can, usually, be found in December-January, but outside the festive days, from approximately €200 per week, and will almost always be one of the smaller cabriolet vehicles for hire.

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